Project Description


Regular and reliable communications between camp staff and our regional offices as well as between IFS and our clients are a key component of our service.
We ensure that communication channels are always available. We have invested in satellite communications technology and an online service portal to ensure that we keep our fingers firmly on the pulse of day to day operations. This helps to ensure that we continue to deliver a consistent and responsive service.


We have been developing our IT and communications infrastructure, with the dual aim of:

  • Providing an even better, more efficient service to our client and;
  • A core standardised reporting base

This will be achieved through the installation of high-speed (wireless) internet connectivity and the use of SMART customised software, which as the acronym suggests, provides better Service, Management, Accountability, Retail and Trade functionality. To facilitate this, we provide the following:


Portable ‘plug and play’ units that carry all hardware and software including:
Satellite dish
Wireless router (provides a 2km connectivity radius)
Upload and download speeds of at least 1 mg
These units are relatively small and unobtrusive (2m x 1.9m x 1.2m) and can be easily carried by 4 men or transported using a small truck/‘bakkie’.


IFS are involved with the development of specialised billing and POS software that will benefit both the client and IFS alike. This software provides the following advantages to the client:

  • Strict Access Controls
  • Improved Customer Service
  • Transactional Speed
  • Quality Assurance
  • Loss Prevention
  • Automated Production Planning
  • Inventory Control
  • Fully Integrated

The added benefits to the above IT infrastructure improvements include increased social responsibility to both IFS staff through the creation of a ‘Global Community’ and increased reliability of information and data flow between head-office and remote sites.

The SMART system reduces the need for manual data processing, allowing greater focus on operational service.

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