Project Description


We recognise the pressures on the natural environment that modern humans place on the planet. We’re not happy watching as our civilisation changes the face of the planet forever – we know that if we don’t change the way we live, and how we consume, we endanger our future.

Made entirely from eco-friendly, organic materials, the packaging IFS uses lasts long enough to keep our food fresh and tasty – but not so long to hurt the natural environment when it’s disposed of!

  • Made from 100% organic sugarcane
  • Made from renewable or recycled resources
  • Can be composted or recycled
  • Has a lower carbon footprint

Accumulation of plastics in the environment is a looming catastrophe – plastic is very cheap to manufacture, and never bio-degrades. Our mission is to change that and help care for the planet.

We make 56,990 packed lunches every day! That’s 14,817,400 a year – the equivalent of feeding every person in Johannesburg 3 times!

Would you like a more sustainable approach to your lunch packs? Get in touch now.