Project Description


CSR Community programmes are a vital element in facilities services.

Community development forms a major part of the social responsibility of IFS within the regions and constituencies that we operate. This is a fundamental driver of sustainability as the ultimate goal. A key proponent of addressing community development is acknowledging that every community that is exposed to a project is considered as a project stakeholder. 

General upliftment has many benefits. These range from a better local workforce, through to local produce improvements (e.g. through our Eco-Livelihoods programme) which reduce the carbon footprint and improve the lives of local farmers. Development of the community has a positive economic impact, on both the site, and the community it resides in.

We’re serious about implementing programmes, working with existing Community programmes, and introducing our own campaigns.

IFS realises the importance of working with and growing the communities in and around all our projects across the continent. We have built sustainable relationships over the years and our constant focus on CSR is what differentiates IFS from any other facilities company.

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